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IBN Members only housing sale

IBN Members have been posted an information pack this week (14/06/17) about the IBN Members only housing sale.

About the housing sale

IBN owns a number of properties in South Hedland, which are being offered for sale to IBN members only. The properties are being offered to IBN members at a discount to the price set by an independent property valuation.

IBN members are invited to lodge an Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the purchase of the properties for sale. Members may lodge an EoI for a number of properties, but can only purchase one property. Lodging an EoI does not constitute an obligation for you to buy the property or for IBN to sell you the property. If IBN receives more than one EoI for a property, an independently managed ballot draw will decide which member is offered that property.

To lodge an EoI to purchase a property members must complete and return the EoI form IBN by close of business 31 July 2017.

The information pack outlines the EoI process and contains two copies of the EoI form, list of available properties and financing information. A list of home opens will be posted on the IBN website shortly. For a copy of the EoI form click here, for a copy of the information pack click here.

General enquiries contact Iain Logan or Cathy Canham on 9140 0905 or email