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IBN is reviewing our education programs

IBN Education Program Review

IBN is conducting an education review to assess the performance and impact of IBN’s educational programs and guide the development of future education programs.

IBN currently provides the below educational assistance:

Back to School kit, computers, general education assistance, high school scholarships and higher education (vocational education, training, undergraduate and post-graduate studies).

Sharyn Derschow, IBN Field Officer, and Mark Simpson, Education Consultant, will be conducting on the ground consultation with IBN members and other stakeholders during July and August.

They will be in the following locations on these dates:

Waka/Bellary: 3 August, IBN office and home visits.

Tom Price: 4 August at the IBN office.

To complete the Education Survey online click here

To download a hardcopy of the survey click here and for a copy of the consent to release student results click here

For more information contact Sharyn Derschow on 0418 632 137 or email