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Education Program Review

IBN Education Program Review

IBN is conducting a review to assess the performance and impact of our educational assistance programs and to guide the development of future programs.

IBN currently provides the following educational assistance: Back-to-school kit, computers, general education assistance, high school scholarships and higher education fees and expenses.

IBN Field Officer Sharyn Derschow and Education Consultant Mark Simpson are conducting consultations with IBN Members and other stakeholders, and we would like to hear from as many members as possible.

To assist, please complete the below survey. This can be done in three ways:

Complete the Survey online click here

Fill the Survey form in electronically, or print it out and complete by hand by clicking here.

Call Debbie Allcott on 0439 172927 and complete the survey over the phone.

If you choose to fill in the survey form electronically or by hand, you can either email it back to or you may prefer to drop it into one of the IBN offices for forwarding to Debbie Allcott at 3 Brand Street, South Hedland.

For more information contact Debbie Allcott on 0439 172927 or email