Community Programs

Health and Wellbeing

Good health is key to building strong families and communities. The Health and Wellbeing Program supports our members and their dependent children during times of illness and provides extra support to Elders and people with disabilities.

To view a description of each program, plus benefits, exclusions/conditions and required documentation download a copy of the Community Programs Handbook. Page numbers for individual sections are listed below.

2.1 General Health

Assistance for IBN Community Members/guardians (and their dependent children) for medical and health expenses as prescribed by a doctor. For more information see page 24/25 of the Handbook.

Form number 2.1

2.2 Dental Health

This program provides subsidies toward the costs of dental expenses. For more information see page 25 of the Handbook.

Form number 2.2

2.3 Medical Travel

This program provides support, when not available through PATS or other providers, for travel expenses for medical care away from home, including procedures and specialist appointments, and medical escort and patient support travel.
Assistance is provided in four key areas:
• IBN patient travel.
• Medical travel escort.
• Patient support for an ill or injured child.
• Patient support for a critically ill or injured person.

For more information see page 27, 28 and 29 of the Handbook.

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2.4 Home Support of IBN Elders and Members on Age or Disability Pension

This program provides extra support to IBN Elders and people on Age or Disability pensions.

IBN can assist with:
• HACC meals.
• Accessibility home or vehicle modifications and/or mobility aids.
• Vehicle servicing.

Special note: This program is managed by the Service Delivery Team. Please contact an IBN Field Officer to apply.

For more information see page 30 of the Handbook.

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2.5 Community Health

This program provides support to help IBN Community Members maintain clean and healthy homes and communities.

IBN can assist with:
• Skip bins.
• Veterinary expenses.
• Bottled water/water purifier systems.

For more information see page 31 of the Handbook.

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