Community Programs

4.0 Household Essentials

IBN Community Members are eligible for up to $1,800 per year to assist with essential household bills and expenses. Evidence of ‘financial hardship’ is not required for this program. The below items are eligible:

Utility bills: Electricity, water, gas and gas bottles

Household appliances: refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioner, heater (including installation and delivery).

Basic furniture: dining table and chairs, bed and bedding (mattress, pillows, linen, blankets, swag)

Skip bins

Vehicle repairs and servicing, including maintenance, tyres, registration and insurance

Council rates and water rates.

Required documentation:

A copy of invoices or quotes, with supplier payment details, is required and must match the IBN Community Member’s registered address with IBN.

For vehicle costs, proof of vehicle ownership (registration papers) under the name and address of the IBN Member making the application.

Exclusions / conditions:

If the member’s address does not match that registered with IBN the member will need to complete an Update Personal Details form before the application can be processed.

IBN members sharing a household may pool applications for Household Essentials benefits within the same household.

Members eligible for benefits may not assign these benefits to another member in a different household.

Where IBN charitable funds have been distributed based on false information supplied by a member, the member’s Household Essentials benefits may be suspended until the required amount is repaid by the member.

IBN will not pay member fines, bankruptcy expenses, taxes or debts.

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