Community Programs

Member Advocacy and Advice

IBN supports fair access to the legal system and taxation and financial advice to help improve the lives of our members and their families.

To view a description of each program, plus benefits, exclusions/conditions and required documentation download a copy of the Community Programs Handbook. Page numbers for individual sections are listed below.

5.1 Legal Aid – Part 1 (Initial consultation)

This program provides assistance with legal fees for a two-hour consultation with a legal representative. If further legal assistance is required members should complete the ‘5.2 Legal Aid – Part 2 (Further legal costs)’ form. See page 44 of the Handbook for more information.

Form number: 5.1

5.2 Legal Aid – Part 2 (Further legal costs)

This program provides up to $10,000 per applicant per year towards legal fees incurred in support of the objects of the IBN Charitable Foundation, in the interest of the IBN Community and consistent with the IBN Constitution and the law. An applicant for legal assistance may be an individual IBN Community Member, a representative corporation or other legal entity in which an IBN Community Member has a substantial legal or beneficial interest, or a guardian, trustee or agent of an IBN Community Member. See page 44 of the Handbook for more information.

Form number: 5.2