Community Programs

Cultural Support

IBN knows that keeping culture strong is vital and we support the IBN Community in maintaining and sharing their traditional culture, language and knowledge of country by providing assistance with lore travel, cultural heritage activities and funerals. We also provide a range of other services to IBN Community Members, including language projects and assistance with archiving family records and researching genealogies. Contact us for advice on how we can assist.

To view a full description of each program, plus benefits, exclusions/conditions and required documentation download a copy of the Community Programs Handbook. 

Page numbers for individual sections are listed below.

3.1 Lore Travel

The Lore Travel program provides up to $500 twice per financial year to assist members to travel for official lore business.

For more information see page 38 of the Handbook.

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3.2 Cultural Heritage

IBN encourages and supports the recording of language, dance, singing, and knowledge of land or any other cultural heritage activities of the IBN Community. This program provides up to $500 per day for fees related to cultural activities.

For more information see page 39 of the Handbook.

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3.3 Funeral Support

Recognising the cultural importance of funerals to the IBN Community, the Funeral Support program contributes to the costs of arranging funerals for deceased IBN Community Members and travel costs to attend funerals.

Special note: Applications for travel must be received at least 4 working days before the funeral.

IBN can assist with:
• Funeral arrangements: Up to $5,000 toward the cost of arranging the funeral of an IBN Community Member.
• Funeral travel (other funerals): Up to $350 for a member to attend any other funeral.

For more information see page 40-41 of the Handbook.

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