Get Help From IBN

How to apply

Step 1

Choose the Community Program you need.

Step 2

Download and complete the application form. All forms are found here

Make sure you fill in everything and include any paperwork we might need to assess your application.

Step 3

Send your completed application form to IBN.

Fax (08) 9172 1136

Email to

In person, visit us.

Step 4

IBN will contact you to let you know the outcome of your application. Waiting times are different for each program; these are listed under each Community Program in the Handbook. Check the waiting time before calling IBN.

Step 5

Not happy with the outcome? You can Appeal a decision.

Need more information?

Download a copy of the Community Programs Handbook or contact us if your enquiry is more specific.

Can’t find a program to help you?

The Community Programs Team is here to help the IBN Community access our Community Programs and other services. If you can’t find a program to help you contact us talk about your situation. We will always do our best to help.