Community Programs

Program 2: EDUCATION

2.3 Public High School Boarding and Travel

Please complete ONE application form per student.

This program provides up to $5,500 per student / per financial year for public school boarding fees and travel expenses.

For general education expenses please complete Pre-school–Year 12 Expenses form 2.1

All Dependent Children must be registered with IBN using the Dependent Child Advice Form. Only the IBN parent or legal carer of a dependent child may apply for education benefits to assist the child.

Applicant details
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Language Group(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Is the student eligible for ABSTUDY / Youth Allowance?
For details on what expenses IBN will cover please see the IBN 2022-23 Community Programs Handbook, or the IBN website:
Description of item (what is the money for?)
Name of supplier
Declaration (Required)
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