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Is your child registered with IBN?

All children receiving help from IBN need to be registered.

To do this complete the Dependent Child Advice form found on the IBN website, or available from IBN offices. Please make sure you include ALL supporting documents when returning the form, or IBN will not be able to complete your child’s registration. Dependent children will be added to the IBN Community Member Database.

There are three categories of dependent child:

  1. The biological child of an IBN Community Member in the legal care of their parent.
  2. A non-IBN child (18 and under) in the legal care of an IBN Community Member (non-IBN children are not eligible to join IBN, and cannot be assisted once they turn 18).
  3. An IBN child in the legal care of a person who is not an IBN Community Member.

Note: The biological child of an IBN Community Member can apply to join IBN from age 16.

Only the legal parent or approved legal carer may receive IBN benefits to help in supporting the dependent child.

To prove guardianship IBN requires one or more of the following documents: Birth certificate, adoption papers, Centrelink documents, school enrolment, family law order, custody order, foster care placement, court order for graduated return to care if a child is being integrated back into the family, social worker reports.

Registration opportunity: There will be a registration desk at the IBN General Meeting on Saturday, November 23 for members to complete the registration form and submit birth certificates and other supporting documents.

If you need help obtaining the required documents please contact IBN on 1800 014 401 or email