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Community Programs – An overview

The Community Programs are funded by the IBN Charitable Foundation and are reviewed and updated every year by the IBN Board. This handbook gives a summary of what is available and what is not available in each program. There may be special conditions or exclusions in the IBN policy that cannot be printed in full in this Handbook, but our IBN office teams can explain the details and help Members to apply.

The Community Programs Handbook contains information on the Community Programs and how to apply; the Community Programs Handbook and Applications are accessible via the below links:

The Community Programs are available to support the IBN Community with: –

As well as Community Programs, IBN has Service Delivery teams in our three Pilbara offices. Our Field Officers provide practical support and can help Members to access programs and services offered by IBN, government agencies, other Trusts and charities.

For more information, please contact the IBN Community Programs Team on 1800 014 401.