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28th August 2020

The IBN Board and Management recognise the ongoing challenges and costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the situation in Western Australia stable with little community spread, IBN is supportive of our members to receive a second payment to access further health and protective items and to ease the financial burden that this situation may have created.

IBN will be making a payment of $400 directly into member’s bank accounts for COVID-19 relief.

This charitable distribution to our members is for the improvement of our member’s circumstances in support of improving outcomes. We encourage the use of these funds to further protect your families and improve your access to health services as we continue to journey with our members in these challenging times.

If your bank details have not changed since IBN made the first COVID-19 relief payment in April 2020, you are not required to contact IBN, as the same details will be used to process this payment.

If your bank details have changed since April 2020 or you have not provided IBN with bank details, then you are required to complete and provide an Update Personal Details form in order for the IBN staff to process your payment.

Please call 1800 014 401 or email only if you do not receive your payment or you need to update your banking details.

Please be patient and work-in with the IBN staff as we work toward processing this payment.

NB: Members that received a double-up payment in April 2020 will not receive this payment

Update Personal Details Form

An Update Personal Details Form is included along with this notice and forms are available on the IBN website

  • All completed Update Personal Details Forms will need to be emailed to or given to an IBN staff member for processing

Batch Payment Schedule

IBN will make the payment over the course of the next 2 weeks to allow ample time for members to update their details and allow time for the IBN team to upload new details, process payments and communicate with members.

Please refer to the following schedule for more detail.

Payment Number Payment Date

$400 made to members that IBN has bank details for

28th August 2020

$400 to be made to members who did not receive the payment in the first batch on 28th August 2020

04th September 2020

$400 to be made to members who did not receive the payment in the first batch on 28th August 2020 or in the second batch on 04th September 2020

11th September 2020

The payment will be made in accordance with the above schedule with payment expected to arrive in members bank accounts within 2-3 days following the payment date.

Members must provide their updated details prior to the above payment dates for their payment to be included in that batch. If updated details are not received in time, then the payment will be made in the next batch payment date.

Please call 1800 014 401 for any additional queries.