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CEO Communication – Abusive Remarks on Social Media


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13 August 2021

Dear IBN Members,

Abusive Remarks on Social Media

It has been brought to my most recent attention that unacceptable comments have been made on social media with regard to IBN staff.

Whilst I understand that these comments are from a very small minority of people, they are still IBN Members. By association, this affects all our Members and staff and I know that the very large majority do the right thing.

I know first-hand, how hard our IBN staff work. Our small team in the Community Programs and Service Delivery sections of IBN are committed in providing the highest level of support and information to all Members in what is sometimes difficult and stressful circumstances.

I know I cannot control what people say, but I do remind all Members that IBN has a very strong Code of Conduct that clearly explains the conduct is not acceptable.

There can be consequences for individuals who continue to make unacceptable comments on social media with regard to IBN staff and Members.