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IBN Members Survey

Survey Closure Message:

The IBN Member Survey 2022 closed on 24th April 2022. Thank-you to everyone that provided their input.

The results of the Member Survey will be provided to our Membership in due course.

Please contact the IBN Communications Officer on 9140 0900 or  for any queries.

Closing Message:

The IBN Board commissioned the Member Survey based on feedback from our members at the 2021 AGM that IBN needed to improve the way that we consult with our members as per the Consultation with the Community clause of the IBN Trust Deed.

The Member Survey was based around 3 vital guiding principles to set our strategic directions, and these guiding principles are Members, Representative Corporations and Members Money, and the Member Survey was designed to enable members to have valuable input into these areas.

The feedback collected from our members will not only set the strategic direction for IBN, it will also set the direction and finalisation for the 2022/23 Community Programs.

The Member Survey also had questions regarding demographics, which will enable us to collect important information from members, including age groups and language groups.

Every member that fully completed the survey received a $100 payment into their nominated bank account.

The survey opened on 25 March 2022 and remained open for Members to complete until 24 April 2022.

The Member Survey is now closed.