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COVID-19 Support Streams

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31 March 2022

Dear IBN Community,

COVID-19 Support Streams

The IBN Board and Management recognise the ongoing challenges and costs associated with COVID-19, particularly now that it has spread within our WA state and Pilbara region.

To assist our members with COVID-19, IBN has made the following support streams available for our members.

Support Stream 1: Health and Wellbeing – General Health

Supplies to support members can now be accessed through IBN’s General Health Community Sub-Program. Available Items include:

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Face Masks
  • Anti-bacterial Wipes
  • Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT)

In essence, COVID-19 support can be accessed through the General Health Community Sub-Program for the same reasons and conditions as any other illness. (Please refer to the Community Programs Handbook for more information on General Health)

To apply for support through the General Health Community Sub-Program, members will need to complete the General Health form which can be accessed on the IBN website or at any of our Office locations.

This program is coordinated by our Community Programs team.

Support Stream 2: Payment of $400 into Member Bank Accounts

As additional support, the Board has approved for each IBN member to receive a $400 payment to access health and protective items and to ease the financial burden that this situation may have created. This payment will be made directly into member’s bank accounts.

We encourage the use of these funds to further protect your families and improve your access to health services as we continue to journey with our members in these challenging times.

The payments will commence on Thursday, 7th April 2022 to allow ample time for members to update their details and for the IBN team to upload new details, process payments and communicate with members.

If your bank details have recently changed, or you have not provided IBN with bank details, then you are required to complete and provide an Update Personal Details form in order for the IBN staff to process your payment.

Please call 1800 014 401 or email only if you do not receive your payment by 14th April 2022, or you need to update your banking details.

Please be patient and work-in with the IBN staff as we work toward processing this payment.

Support Stream 3: Emergency COVID-19 Relief

Members may be eligible for additional support due to extreme circumstances or severe financial hardship due to COVID-19.

Emergency COVID-19 relief will be assessed based on members circumstances, and eligible members can access support with emergency accommodation, food, and fuel.

This program is coordinated by our Community Programs and Service Delivery team.

For further information on the Emergency COVID-19 Relief program, please contact IBN and ask to speak with a Field Officer.

These charitable support streams are for the improvement of our member’s circumstances with an objective to improve outcomes and ease financial burdens.