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Who is IBN?

Our Goal: Building resilience and capacity for the present and strong foundations for the future.

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IBN is the Trustee for the Mining Area C (MAC) Agreement between BHP Billiton and the IBN Claim Group, the Yinhawangka, Banyjima and Nyiyaparli people of the Pilbara.

Established in 2001, IBN is a charitable business operated for the advancement and prosperity of these communities. We provide programs and services to raise the personal, social and economic well-being of our members and deliver support and programs in health, education, housing, culture, enterprise development and employment.

IBN has a strong financial history and investment strategy that includes a Future Fund to ensure the IBN Community have access to a secure source of income long after the end of mining.

We provide support and opportunities to more than 1,500 Yinhawangka, Banyjima and Nyiyaparli people and their families. We do this in three key ways:

Community Programs. Financial assistance in times of emergency or crisis.

Field Officers. Assistance and personal support to the IBN Community.

Projects and businesses. Building sustainable and positive futures with a focus on education, employment, business enterprise, and cultural support.

Our head office is in South Hedland, Western Australia, approximately 350 kilometres north of the Mining Area C Project. We also have offices in Tom Price and Karratha. We are proud to offer our members the greatest service reach of any Trustee in the Pilbara.

Supporting the Yinhawangka, Banyjima and Nyiyaparli people.

who's who at IBN

Lorraine Injie
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Chirantha Perera
Chief Financial Officer
Caroline Lee
Manager – Member Support
David Dhu
Manager – Corporate Support
May Byrne
Director, Milyuranpa Banyjima
Jahna Cedar
Deputy Chair
Director, Nyiyaparli
Julie Walker
Director, Minadhu
Tyson Weedon
Director, Minadhu
Phillip Dhu
Director, Banyjima
Brandy Wheelock
Director, Nyiyaparli
Marianne Rose
Director, Independent
Lachlan Haughey
Executive Director