Join IBN

When you join IBN you become an ‘IBN Community Member’.

Community Members have access to the IBN Charitable Foundation, which delivers the Community Programs and a range of different projects and services to improve the lives of the IBN Community.

How does the membership process work?

Click here for an explanation. New members can join IBN from 16 years of age and will need to complete the two membership forms, listed below. Copies can also be collected from any IBN office.

Application to become an IBN Community Member

Deed of Undertaking

Banyjima Aboriginal Corporation (BAC) Application Form (BAC members only need to complete this form)

For an explanation of the membership process click here.

Membership enquiries

Contact Corporate Services on 1800 014 401


Fax (08) 9140 0998

If your membership application is declined

If your application for membership declined, you can write to the Chairperson of your Representative Corporation asking for a review of your application.

The letter should explain why you do not agree with the decision and provide any supporting documentation or evidence to assist the Representative Corporation in assessing your appeal.

If you are not sure who your Chairperson is, contact IBN on 1800 014 401 or email