Code of Conduct

The IBN Code of Conduct is the way the Board expects its Directors, Employees, and Members to conduct themselves while engaged in IBN business.

  • Treat each other with fairness and respect, without discrimination or harassment
  • Work in a safe manner with due regard for the health and safety of others and ourselves
  • Know and act within the limits of our rights and responsibilities
  • Comply with the laws of Western Australia and Australia
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of IBN
  • Treat the affairs and information of IN with privacy and confidentiality
  • Record all information accurately and honestly
  • Look after and take care of all IBN property
  • Ensure that our outside activities don’t create a conflict of interest that is not transparent or declared
  • Look after and protect our environment

Behaviour that is offensive, intimidating. destructive or disruptive is not acceptable under the IBN Code of Conduct. Examples of unacceptable conduct include:

  • Verbal abuse or harassment
  • Physical assault
  • Threats of violence
  • Unauthorised use, theft, or damage to IBN property
  • Acting dishonestly or misrepresenting
  • Abusive remarks on social media (trolling’)
  • Soliciting IBN employees or directors for favours, money, cigarettes, or anything else (‘humbugging’)
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