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Messages from the CEO and the T.O Directors

Thank-you to all Members that attended the EGM on Sunday, 26th June 2022.

IBN Corporation Pty Ltd was pleased to see our members out in full voice, having their say about their Trust.

IBN Corporation Pty Ltd will release a full communication very soon regarding the EGM and our next steps as your Trustee.

Please see below for some recent video messages from the CEO and Board about IBN and our commitment to the IBN Community.

Our Position and Future (Vice Chair Injie)

Community Strength (Vice Chair Injie)

A Proven Trustee (Director Dhu)

Staying On Country (Director Peterson)

The Members Trustee (Director Peterson)

The Peoples Needs (Director Peterson)

Member Survey Message (CEO Brown)

Our Trust (Director Byrne)

Our Vision (Chairperson Stone)

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