Funeral Arrangements

4.3 Funeral Arrangements

IBN recognises the cultural importance of funerals to the IBN community and contributes towards the
cost of arranging funerals for deceased IBN Community Members.

Benefits Up to $7,000 per funeral.

Eligibility Funerals of deceased IBN members or their dependent children.

  • Funeral costs – paid to the funeral director.
Items NOT available
  • Tyres, vehicle repairs and maintenance, registration and driver’s licence.
  • Taxis and other travel costs.
  • Clothing and blankets.
  • IBN will liaise only with the funeral director approved by the family.
  • Benefits will be paid from the deceased IBN member’s account, or the IBN parent’s account for a
    child’s funeral.
Supporting documents
  • Program application form 4.3
  • Funeral director invoice or quote showing payment details
  • Other – see application form
Application Processing Time

Up to 10 working days once all the documents have been received by IBN.

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