Community Programs

4.3 Funeral Travel

IBN recognises the cultural importance of funerals to the IBN community and provides support for IBN members to attend funerals.

Up to $2,000 per financial year.

IBN Members and family.

  • Airfares or bus fares.
  • Car travel – fuel and food vouchers or cards
  • Accommodation.
Items NOT available
  • Clothing.
  • Taxis.
  • Tyres, vehicle repairs and maintenance.
  • Car registration and driver’s licence.
  • Hotel bonds or damages. Members are responsible for these items and must deal directly with the
    hotel using their own cash or card.
  • Funerals attended may be for IBN members or non-family members.
  • The member making the application must sign the form.
  • Within the annual benefit limit, there is no restriction on the number of funerals attended.
Supporting documents
  • Program application form 4.3
  • Supplier invoices or quotes showing payment details
  • Funeral notice
Application Processing Time

Up to 10 working days once all the documents have been received by IBN.


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