Community Programs

3.1 General Medical

Up to $12,000 per financial year.


  • IBN members and their dependent children, and Non-IBN legal carers of dependent children.
  • Medical costs for dependent children are included in the annual limit.
  • Medical costs (with a doctor’s referral or prescription)
  • Specialist fees (with a doctor’s referral).
  • Allied health services: No doctor’s referral required.
  • Mobility aids.
  • Pharmacy items (prescriptions only).
  • Ambulance and private health insurance (including family cover).
  • Ambulance transport.
Items NOT available
  • Cosmetic treatment and items.
  • Weight loss/meal replacement programs (available in Household Essentials).
  • Non-prescription glasses and non-presciption pharmacy items.
  • Travel costs – see 3.3 Medical and Dental Travel.
  • Members are required to provide their Medicare Number and private health insurance details.
  • Prescription only medications.
  • Where applicable, members must apply for support through Medicare, PBS, private health or other insurance policy. IBN will pay the gap.
Supporting documents
  • Program application form 3.1
  • Medicare card
  • Supplier invoices or quotes showing payment details
  • If applicable:
  • Private Health insurance documents
  • Doctor’s prescription or referral
  • Copy of ambulance cover
  • Copy of travel or other insurance policy
Application Processing Time

Up to 10 working days once all the documents have been received by IBN.


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