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IBN Irtiya Project: Past, Present, Future

Sarah Holcombe from the University of Queensland is now commencing the interview and consultation process for Part 1 of the Irtiya Project – Writing the history of IBN.

The Irtiya Project is about preserving the history of IBN and developing its future. IBN has contracted the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) at the University of Queensland to engage members and representative corporations to document the origins of the IBN trust, review the governance structure, and identify ways to measure the impact of IBN’s activities.

Sarah is travelling in the region from the 8-18th July to commence the important consultation work and interview members who can contribute to the Project. She is in Port Hedland from 8-10 July, will be in Tom Price from the 11-15th July, and then Karratha & Roebourne 16-18 July.

Sarah is interested in talking with IBN members who participated directly or indirectly during the Area C meetings and negotiations and want to share their experiences from these early days of IBN’s establishment, up to the successful native title determinations.

If this is of interest to you then please reach out to Sarah via email s.holcombe@uq.edu.au or contact her mobile 0400731607.

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