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IBN Services was established in 2013 to provide job-preparation and training opportunities for IBN Members and Aboriginal people in the Pilbara.

It has since developed into a major part of IBN’s broader strategy, delivering on social outcomes and realizing the parallel objective of financial sustainability.

IBN Services employees are provided with structural training and practical skills as well as enrolment in nationally recognised qualifications, licences, and workplace tickets, this includes training, skills and knowledge in Pest Management Technicians Licence, Horticulture, Forklift Licence, 4X4 WD Training, Fire Fighting Training and First Aid.

IBN Services core business is the only Indigenous owned and operated native plant nursery and Pest (plant) Management services in the Pilbara.


IBN Services works with a range of clients across the Pilbara to provide revegetation, landscaping and general garden maintenance services.

We also propagate native seeds and supply plant and tube stocks for commercial and domestic projects.


IBN Services operates the only commercial native plant nursery in Port Hedland. We supply tube stock, shrubs, ground cover, trees and seeds.

We use a unique smoking process that mimics the way native seeds are germinated in their natural environment. This process means we are able to successfully propagate a range of native plants only found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.


We provide yard clean ups and general home maintenance services in the Port Hedland area.

IBN Services provides Aboriginal people with skills and training in horticulture, general home and garden maintenance. This experience provides people with the confidence they need to be a part of the workforce.

Positive yet challenging

Since 2018, IBN Services supported and assisted in employment opportunities to over 35 Aboriginal people, the higher percentage being IBN Members. People left their employment for many reasons, three of the main reasons was due to low attendance, social or family issues or employment with industry.

IBN Services originally recruited casual employees from IMMS, this changed in 2020. All IBN Services employees are recruited through the IBN employment process. All IBN Services employees are on permanent contracts. IBN Services is a growing business with interest from the community and industry for landscape maintenance services, pest (plant) management and plant supplies.

It has been a positive but challenging year with balancing schedules to complete works in pest management, the impact of COVID-19, recruitment and the change of management & staff within IBN Corporation. BHP re-engaged IBN Services to re-commence in February 2021. This year, IBN Services has experienced growth in recruitment due to works with BHP in Pest Management Control. IBN Services now offers employment and skills in Pest (plant) Management.

IBN Services Employees


Aboriginal Employment


Traditional Owner Employment

IBN Services core business is the only Indigenous owned and operated native plant nursery and Pest (plant) Management services in the Pilbara.

IBN Services Projects and Industry Engagement

  • Supply of plants to Greening Australia for Project LEAF in Port Hedland, this is ongoing for further plant supplies scheduled for FY21/22.
  • BHP/Yarrie for Pest Management and supply of plants.
  • FMG – Supply of plants for their restoration projects.
  • Supplied plants to Pilbara Minerals.
  • Supplied plants to BHP/Yandi Mine for their rehabilitation projects.
  • Yurra with plant supplies.
  • Transported and supplied plants to the City of Karratha for their ongoing projects.
  • The Department of Lands and Heritage, maintenance and slashing at Tjalka Boorda Community.
  • John Holland Vegetation Monitoring Program.
  • The Arbor Centre – Monitoring of Boab Trees at the PHIA.
  • South Hedland Hostel for Yard and Garden Maintenance.
  • Supplied plants to three Schools (Cassia and South Hedland) and the High School.
  • Supplied plants to Outback Trees.
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