All Aboard the Spinifex Express tours the Pilbara

All Aboard the Spinifex Express tours the Pilbara

Of the 31 known languages in the Pilbara, only a very small number are still spoken by native speakers. History tells us that when a language dies, culture dies with it. To keep our languages alive, IBN saw a need to engage and share Aboriginal languages with children, the future custodians of these precious words. The result was a show called ‘All Aboard the Spinifex Express’.

All Aboard the Spinifex Express is a unique, bi-cultural arts project that breaks new ground with an all-singing, all-dancing adventure inspired by the historic train that ran from Port Hedland to Marble Bar. Targeted at children under-six (and the young at heart!) the show takes you on a journey across the country, meeting the fascinating characters and animals who call the Pilbara home.

The show premiered at the annual Karijini Experience in Karijini National Park in early 2016. It was then awarded a grant under the Royalties for Regions Program to undertake a tour of the Pilbara during September and October last year.

This short film is the story of that tour….

All Aboard the Spinifex Express!

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