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IBN has an ongoing partnership with Nintirri to provide community-focused nursing support to the IBN Community

The current Nurse is Viskakha Erande who has recently joined Nintirri as a Women’s Health Promotion Nurse and IBN Community Nurse.

Viskakha has more than 20 years of experience in medical field with wide variety of experience in health services. Viskakha was a medical scientist in microbiology before becoming a Registered Nurse. Viskakha has worked in different models throughout the nursing field, mostly through public hospital setting working for individuals, families, groups in Perth and Pilbara Australia.

Viskakha’s focus had been on public health activities requiring education, screening, promotion and prevention on adults and adolescent communicable diseases including infection control, sexual health, kidney disease, rheumatic health, oral health, cardiovascular, asthma, diabetes, immunization, mental health as well as drug, alcohol and domestic violence.

Having stayed in New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, India and Perth, Hedland now in Tom Price, Pilbara. Viskakha loves interacting and building effective relationships by sharing different culture awareness to support our local community.

Viskakha Erande (pictured above) is looking forward to connecting with the IBN Community

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