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Community Members have access to the IBN Charitable Foundation, which delivers the Community Programs and a range of different projects and services to improve the lives of the IBN Community.

New members can join IBN from 16 years of age and will need to complete the two membership forms, listed below. Copies can also be collected from any IBN office.


Traditional Owner to new Approved Trusts

Traditional Owner to new Approved Trusts

IBN is ‘Trustee’ for the IBN Charitable Foundation. IBN Community Members can access support from the IBN Charitable Foundation.

To become an IBN Community Member

If you are born of the Yinhawangka, Nyiyaparli or Banyjima language groups, you may be eligible to be registered as an IBN Community Member.

To become an IBN Community Member you will need to complete and have signed off all of the forms below:

Make sure you attach all required documentation to your application to ensure it is processed. These being:

– Birth certificate
– BAC form if you are applying for Banyjima membership

What happens next?

IBN will send your application to your Representative Corporation for consideration.

Applications are considered when your Representative Corporation meets four times a year.
Please be aware that, depending on when meetings are held, it could take 6 months or more to be assessed.

The Representative Corporation will tell IBN if they support your application. Your application is then sent to the IBN Board, and IBN will write to you with the outcome.

What if my application is declined?

If your application is declined, you can write to the Chairperson of your Representative Corporation asking for a review of your application. The letter should explain why you do not agree with the decision and provide any supporting documentation or evidence to assist the Representative Corporation in assessing your appeal.

Need more information?

Contact or call 1800 014 401.

Update Your Personal Details

If any of your details have recently changed, please let us know by completing an Update Personal Details form, so that we can keep you up to date with IBN news, Community Programs applications status, and contact you regarding all things IBN.


Dependent Child Advice

Please complete this form if you are an IBN Community Member, or legal parent/approved legal carer caring for a dependent child under the age of 18 and wish to access help from IBN for the child/children.

Member Feedback Process

To introduce a more beneficial process on handling feedback from our members, we have created a dedicated email address where members can send their feedback.

It is our hope that this option will allow a more processed approach to the handling of any feedback that members have.

The email address is, and the following process will apply for sending complaints to this mailbox.


For Appeals and Complaint Policy and Form

Representative Corporations

The Representative Corporations (Rep Corps) are the shareholders of IBN, and we have Service Legal Agreements with the Rep Corps for a collaborative relationship to achieve inclusion and continuous improvement.

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