Pre-school to Year 12 expenses

2.1 Pre-school to Year 12 expenses

Benefits Per financial year:

  • $500 per child for pre-kindy, kindy and pre-primary students
  • $2,000 per child for primary school students
  • $3,000 per child for high school students

Eligibility A dependent child listed on the IBN child register. Children who reach the age of 16 may
apply for membership of IBN and receive education benefits in their own name.

  • School fees – enrolment and tuition
  • Laptop or iPad/tablet and printers
  • Computing supplies – computer bags,
    software, warranties and repairs, ink cartridges
  • Textbooks, school bag and general supplies
  • Uniforms, sports clothing and shoes
  • School bus Multiriders
  • School canteen lunch accounts
  • Equipment – sporting items,
    musical instruments
  • School photographs
  • School activities – such as excursions,
    camps, Country Week, school balls
  • Extracurricular/after school activities – such as
    fees for after school programs, extra tutoring,
    sports club, music and swimming lessons
  • Bicycles and scooters.
Items NOT available
  • Computing devices and printers are not available for pre-kindy, kindy and pre-primary students.
  • Fuel.
  • ABSTUDY is NOT a condition of this program, but eligible students are encouraged to apply.
  • Eligible students must access government Student Travel Subsidies where available.
  • Parents and legal carers are required to allow IBN to obtain school progress reports.
Supporting documents
  • Program application form 2.1
  • Proof of enrolment
  • Supplier invoices or quotes showing payment details
  • Other – see application form
Application Processing Time

Up to 10 working days once all the documents have been received by IBN.

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