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IBN hosted a Community NAIDOC Event at our Hedland Office on the 7th July 2022, and it was a fantastic event with a great attendance by all. 

It was pleasing to share this day with several of our members, our staff, and several other aboriginal organisations and local organisations such as:

  • Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation 
  • EPIC
  • Wirrika Maya Aboriginal Health Centre
  • Yaandina Community Services
  • North Regional TAFE

The ‘King of Hearts’ Band (above) performed several songs, to the admiration of the crowd on the day, including ‘Joker,’ ‘Check Yes or No’, and ‘Make a Better Life’

IBN Banyjima member Terrance Cox is a part of the ‘King of Hearts’

Staff and Participants had the opportunity to get some great photos through our photo booth.

While our attendees were treated to live music, they were also able to view a Fashion Parade, with clothing designs done by Bobbi Lockyer, and view artwork and clothing designs done by Loretta Egan’s Art.

NAIDOC 2022 was a great success enjoyed by all, with compliments from everyone who attended.

We hope those who attended enjoyed the day and we hope that next years NAIDOC event will be as great as this years one.

A big thank you to all stall holders, staff and all who participated in IBN’s NAIDOC event.

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