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IBN Perth Office

In an effort to better serve our Members, IBN is opening an office in the Perth metropolitan area in order to provide:

  • access for the 1/3 of IBN Members that live in the Perth Metro area; 
  • better support for Pilbara Members who come to Perth for medical or education services ; and
  • greater opportunities for IBN to develop commercial relationships with businesses based in Perth

Whilst the plan is to secure a permanent location, in order to speed up the process We have secured a temporary office in Perth while we continue the search for a permanent space. 

What does this mean for the Pilbara Offices?

The Hedland office will remain the IBN head office. The Karratha and Tom Price offices will remain open to serve Members.

Who will work in Perth?

The Finance function will move to the Perth area in late March. The CEO and executive team will have the ability to work from the Hedland and Perth offices as required.

While the temporary office space is being set up, Member needs continue to be paramount so that the Perth office is resourced with a Member centric philosophy.

When can we visit the Perth Office?

Once the space is operational, with a plan towards the end of April, IBN will let you know:

  • office location
  • what services are available in Perth and how to access them; 
  • the plan for the team at the Perth office; and
  • progress toward a permanent IBN office in Perth.

What happens if we have any questions about the opening of the Perth office?

If you have any questions, please email OperationsSupportServices@ibngroup.com.au.

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