Community Programs

3.3 Medical and Dental Travel

Up to $5,500 per financial year.

  • An IBN Member patient or dependent child travelling away from home for prescribed medical or dental care.
  • An IBN Member acting as travel escort or as patient supporter for an ill or injured child or family
    member (including kinship relations).
  • A travel escort or patient supporter for an ill or injured IBN Member. A family group may include children within the annual limit.
  • Members with a chronic illness and other special cases may be referred to Service Delivery for
    further assistance.
  • Only the IBN parent or legal carer may apply on behalf of an IBN child.
  • Domestic airfares.
  • Bus fares.
  • Car travel (fuel and food voucher/card).
  • Taxi vouchers (Cabcharge) are available only from the South Hedland office.
  • Accommodation, meals and incidentals for up to 7 days. Extensions available with a medical certificate.
Items NOT available
  • International travel.
  • Hotel bonds and any damage caused by the member. Members are responsible for these items
    and must deal directly with the hotel using their own cash or card.
  • Weight loss programs.
  • Members are required to provide their Medicare Number.
  • All travel and accommodation claims, including for travel escorts and patient supporters, require referral by a registered doctor or dentist or other evidence.
  • Members MUST apply for PATS and other support (Medicare, private health or other insurance etc) and show evidence if they are not eligible. IBN will pay the gap.
  • Extensions beyond 7 nights will require confirmation from an appropriate health professional.
Supporting documents
  • Program application form 3.3
  • Medical or dental referral and appointment
  • PATS documents
  • Private insurance documents
  • Supplier invoices or quotes showing payment details
Application Processing Time

Except in emergencies, 10 working days once all the documents have been received by IBN.


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