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Dear Members

IBN can now provide reimbursements to Members who provide proof of payment for goods and services they have made with their own funds. 

To be able to make a claim for reimbursement, the following is required:

  • Check eligibility criteria for the relevant IBN Community Program IBN Community Handbook
  • Complete an Application Form.
  • Ensure the criteria for the Program is met.
  • Provide supporting documentation if required (ie Medical Support Documents, vehicle registrations).
  • Provide a copy of your tax receipt that includes your name which shows proof of payment.
  • Send this information to applications@ibngroup.com.au or drop it in to reception at an IBN office.

Reimbursement will only apply to items covered under the current IBN Programs.

Items not able to be reimbursed include;

  • Groceries or Food Supplies
  • Fines and Infringements
  • Loan/Debt Repayments
  • Rental/Bond Payments
  • Business Costs (such as merchandise or advertising)
  • Criminal Law or Legal Costs from illegal activities
  • Alcohol/Gambling and Gaming

Reimbursements will be deposited directly to the Members bank account or to a Members IBN Purchase Card.  You will have the option to nominate which of these you choose.

If you currently have an IBN Purchase Card, you cannot make a payment on this and also provide receipts for reimbursement..

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