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Sunday 4th February 2024

Meeting Time:
9am – 3:30pm

Registrations open 8:30am

Gratwick Hall, 13 McGregor St, Civic Centre Port Hedland

Kids Zone:

Parents with kids attending the Kids Zone Activity.
Please bring swimmers, a towel and a change of clothes.

To access the virtual meeting, online registrations and nominate a proxy, click the following:
Login instructions will be in the link.


1.            Welcome

2.            Confirm the chair of the meeting

3.            Acknowledgement of Kariyarra people as Traditional Owners

4.            Apologies

5.            Quorum

6.            Proxies

7.            Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 21st November 2022

8.            Matters Arising from Minutes

9.            Directors Report

10.         Financial/Auditors Report for Financial year 2023

11.         Appointment of an Auditor

12.         General business.

13.         Membership Eligibility

14.         Special Resolution 1
The purpose of this special resolution is to change the Membership eligibility in the Rule Book to allow 16 year old to become members.

Eligibility for membership (Who can apply to become a Member)
A person is eligible to apply to be a Member of the Corporation if the person is:

is 16 years of age or over; and
is a member of the Nyiyaparli People


15.         Special Resolution 2
The purpose of this special resolution is to Change the Corporation name in the Rule Book from Niapaili Aboriginal Corporation to Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation to be consistent with the spelling throughout the Rulebook.

1.   Name and Nature of the Corporation
      1.1 The Name of the Corporation is Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation.

16.         Resolution

           The purpose of this resolution is to change the current NAC Logo and replace with another design. Members are being asked to send in a design. Winning designer will receive $500.

17.         Election of Directors

18.         Close of meeting.


Up to date personal information

A change of address on or after the meeting day will not alter your payment band. Members are encouraged to ensure any changes to personal details are returned to the IBN office at least two weeks PRIOR to the meeting. Please note any changes to addresses within the notice period of this meeting will be requested to be accompanied by a supporting utility bill or equal document which verifies the address of the individual.


All meeting expenses: Travel, Sitting Fees, Accommodation and Incidentals will be paid In accordance with the IBN Group Travel Policy:


NO CASH will be paid at this meeting. In accordance with IBN travel policy, all payments will be paid into your bank account, by IBN, within 7 business days of the meeting.

If you would like more information, please contact nac@ibngroup.com.au




If you intend to nominate yourself or you are being nominated for a director’s position at the AGM in February, please apply now for your Directors ID if you haven’t already done so.

See link below:

 Director ID | Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (oric.gov.au)

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